OSHA Safety Compliance

OSHA Safety Compliance

OSHA citations assistance from an ex-OSHA Officer!

Our primary consultant is Stuart D Bagley, a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). He is a former OSHA Compliance Safety & Health Officer (CSHO). He has 25 years of experience in Health and Safety in the corporate and government sectors.

We offer Comprehensive Health and Safety Compliance Services:

Health and Safety Program Review

The initial meeting is to review the your overall safety program including: records of injuries/illnesses, OSHA citations, safety training, the safety manual, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

The Onsite Survey and Consultation

A comprehensive onsite consultation includes:

  • Inspection of all mechanical and environmental hazards and physical work practices
  • Inspection of the present job safety and health program or establishment of one
  • Inspection of all mechanical and environmental hazards and physical work practices
  • Written report of recommendations and agreements
  • Training and Assistance
  • Confer with management on findings

The Site Survey Walk Through

IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. will examine conditions in your workplace. He will review any OSHA citations and assist you in handling them.

Stuart Bagley, CIH, CSP will study your entire workplace or specific operations you designate and discuss the applicable OSHA standards. IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. will point out other safety or health risks that might not be cited under OSHA standards, but nevertheless may pose safety or health risks to your employees. He may suggest other measures such as self-inspection and safety and health training you and your employees can use to prevent future hazardous situations.

Report on Safety and Health

  • Advice for compliance with OSHA regulations
  • How to deal with any OSHA citations
  • Recognition of hazards in your workplace
  • Recommendations for solving safety or health problems
  • Assistance to develop or maintain an effective safety and health program
  • Provide training and education for you and your employees
  • Advice on the kinds of help available if you need further assistance
  • The Site Survey Follow-up

The Site Survey Follow-up

IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. will review detailed findings with you at the completion of the onsite consultation. You will learn not only what you need to improve, but also what you are doing right. At that time you can discuss problems, possible solutions and abatement periods to eliminate or control any serious hazards identified during the walk-through. Stuart Bagley, CIH, CSP will offer general approaches and options to you.

Following the site survey, IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. will send you a detailed written report explaining the findings. A follow-up phone consultation is included.