IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc.

Report on Pesticide Contamination

Restoration Corporation

13325 Delaney Street

Allen Park, MI 48303

February 9, 2007

Re: IAQ Testing and Remediation for Pesticides at Residence

Stuart Bagley of IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. visually assessed and tested the home at 15643 Aberdeen Street in Beverly Hills, Michigan on January 2, 2007.  The homeowner was concerned about a notable odor that was present in the home.  A mold remediation project was conducted by Restoration Corporation  in November, 2006.  The odor has been a complaint of the homeowner since that time.


The home was visited on January 2, 2007.  This home is a single story home, with no basement.  Crawlspace and attic areas were present. 

A pesticide-like odor seemed to be emanating from the home on the outside.  It was even more prevalent on the inside.  The odor was noted throughout the home, including on boxes and on interior contents. 

Laboratory Results

Laboratory results are summarized in the table below.

Summary of Laboratory Results from the Home

Sample ID



Concentration Parts per Million



Filter from Air Scrubber



medicinal smell



see lab report

Trichlorophenols (various types)

> 5.8

pesticide-like odor, see lab report

3,3 Dichlorobenzidine


see lab report

Mineral Spirits


paint thinner odor







Furnace Filter Dust



see lab report







Wipe Sample from Wall near Thermostat


0.36 ug per sq. in.

see lab report


1.8 ug per sq. in.


1.4 ug per sq. in.







Filter from Air Scrubber

Chlorinated Pesticide Concentration

not detected

only pesticides analyzed, see lab report

Eight samples were taken in total.  Only four samples were analyzed, in part due to limited funds for lab analysis.  Those three samples results are highlighted shown in the table above.  Phenol is present where analyzed in all three samples.  Chlorophenols were present in two of three samples analyzed.  Other analytes were below the limit of detection except as indicated in the table above.


Due to the nature of the contaminants, having a low odor threshold, and the extreme difficulty in cleaning porous items such as, carpet and paper, cleaning to the point of non-detection by smell may not be achievable.  IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. shall bare no responsibility for the success of any cleaning attempts by the contractor or the homeowner.  The following are suggestions only.

  1. Remove several items …
  2. Run the air …
  3. Remove cardboard and paper …
  4. Use airtight containers …
  5. HEPA  …
  6. Wash clothing in warm soapy water.
  7. Thoroughly scrub all surfaces …
  8. Discard …
  9. Re-inspect …


About IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc.

IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. is a full service consulting firm in the areas of environmental health and safety testing and remediation.  The firm was incorporated in 1999.  Stuart Bagley, MS, CIH, CSP is the owner and principal consultant for the company.  Stuart Bagley is a consultant from IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with 30 years of experience in environmental health.  He has a Master of Science degree in Occupational and Environmental Health from Wayne State University.  He has broad experience in both industrial hygiene and safety with an emphasis on indoor environmental quality and environmental health programs.  Stuart’s field experience includes serving as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer for USDOL-OSHA and working in corporate safety management.  He has served as a senior consultant throughout his career including three years as President of IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc. He has conducted numerous indoor environmental quality investigations.

Call if I may answer any questions you have.  I would be glad to assist you further.


Stuart D. Bagley

Stuart D. Bagley, MS, CIH, CSP

Certified Industrial Hygienist


Attachments: lab reports, invoice